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Curb your compulsive

eating habits


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Curb Compulsive Eating

Our smart fridge magnet displays a big, red "X" for several hours after the last time you looked in the fridge to discourage you from constantly over-eating.

We monitor the times you access your fridge and prompt you to report your consumption via Amazon Alexa or your favourite calorie tracking app.



  1. Magnetized

    Fridge Spy attaches to your fridge or pantry door to monitor when you eat.

  2. Aversion

    Fridge Spy displays a big, red "X" for some time after you last ate.

  1. Assistant

    Fridge Spy prompts you to report your eating habits via your virtual assistant or app.

  2. Smart

    Fridge Spy is a WiFi-connected, rechargeable, Internet-of-Things device.


Make healthier

eating choices

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